Understanding the Change in General Admission Tickets for Dressage and Jumping with the Stars


Dressage and Jumping with the Stars, organised by Equestrian Victoria, is an esteemed equestrian competition known for its commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences for competitors and spectators.

There has been an adjustment in the pricing structure of General Admission tickets to maintain the event’s high standards and prioritise excellence in every aspect of the event.

This explainer aims to shed light on the reasons behind the increase in ticket prices, emphasising our dedication to hosting a top-tier competition.

Non-Profit Nature and Event Costs:

Dressage and Jumping with the Stars operates in a not-for-profit strategy, relying on sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales to cover the substantial costs of hosting a world-class equestrian competition.

The event incurs significant expenses, such as venue rental, course design and construction, top-tier judges and officials, and the well-being of the horses and competitors, all of which contribute to the overall experience.

Maintaining Quality and Excellence:

Our primary goal is to provide a platform where elite equestrians can showcase their skills in an environment that reflects the pinnacle of the sport. This commitment to excellence requires substantial investment in every facet of the event.

By increasing General Admission ticket prices, we can ensure that the necessary funds are available to maintain the quality of facilities, services, and overall presentation, enhancing the experience for competitors and spectators alike.

Competitor Experience:

A significant portion of the budget is allocated to creating an optimal environment for competitors, ensuring their safety, well-being, and the fair evaluation of their performances.

Dressage and Jumping with the Stars aims to attract and retain the best talent in the equestrian world by investing in top-notch officials, course designers, and accommodation for participants.

Spectator Experience:

Elevating the spectator experience involves enhancing amenities, entertainment, and overall comfort during the event.

The increased ticket prices contribute to improved seating, better viewing angles, and a more immersive experience for attendees, creating lasting memories and a greater connection to the sport.x


In conclusion, the increase in General Admission ticket prices for Dressage and Jumping with the Stars is a strategic decision driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible competitor and spectator experience.

By prioritising excellence and maintaining high standards, we aim to ensure that our event remains a benchmark in equestrian sports. Your support through ticket purchases directly contributes to the success and sustainability of this exceptional competition.